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Manual on scientific entrepreneurship

Embark on a journey of turning your research idea and results to invention and commercial product





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Manual takes you on the exciting journey of valorizing the research results and inventions as an entrepreneur. Learn about the journey by:



Learn the basics of the entrepreneurship journey

Self-assess your entrepreneurial capacity with "Entrepreneur to-be" tool

Learn about key structures and resources that can help you in becoming and entrepeneur

So you can:

  • Evaluate the potentiality of the idea and its market value from the very beginning
  • Get informed and do some preliminary information search on the market potential, customers, IP rights, competitors, etc.
  • Seek help or assistance from experienced institutions or from helpdesks at local, national and international level
  • Get training on entrepreneurship issues (management, business plan, business development, patents, marketing, financial management, market research)
  • Improve communication and transversal skills




The manual was developed as a result of extensive effort of multiple stakeholders, coordinated by Area Science Park, Italy, during 2019. It involved:

  • a desk analysis on a current state of the art regarding the scientific entreprenurship in Europe, including a review and in-depth analysis of major handbooks and articles in the field
  • a feedback from PhDs, early stage and experienced researchers, collected in two focus group exercises and other relevant events
  • a feedback from EURAXESS network, related to experiences in implementation of the relevant projects, namely EURAXESS TOPII and EURAXIND.




Do’s and Don’ts

TOP 8 Do’s and Don’ts researchers should consider when approaching the entrepreneurial sector

  • Don’t count on what you hear from someone else, try it yourself
  • Don’t bound yourself to a specific geographical region or field (open your mind)
  • Don’t publish before understanding your IP rights – your research might be patentable
  • Don’t have to do it all yourself, ask for support from a dedicated institution near you
  • Don’t think you are the only one - Ask for assistance
  • Don’t be a scientist and a manager at the same time – define well each role
  • Don’t grow your start up too much at the beginning - be realistic you don’t need many people but the right ones
  • Don’t get discouraged, continue seeking for funds opportunities and networking


connecting tech entrepreneurs across Europe

Startup Europe

Startup Europe initiative is created in order to connect tech entrepreneurs across Europe, providing networks, resources and information to help them startup their business and grow, creating new jobs and transforming the economy and society. It is designed to connect startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and the media through an array of networks. Startup Europe is advised by a group of high level recognized Tech leaders at the Startup Europe high level group of advisors. Furthermore, it intends to connect local startup ecosystems around Europe and enhance their capacity to invest in other markets such as Silicon Valley or India. Ramps up the connected Digital Single Market through a set of European Union initiatives to increase networking opportunities for startups, investors and accelerators.


Go to Startup Europe


Mapping all startup players in the European ecosystems

The Startup Europe Map

A map which connects all startup players in the European ecosystems. The map offers the information on the startups, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, investors and other Start up ecosystem stakeholders located across Europe that are registered within the initiative. The site offers an information on the name of the institution, its location and the website. Each institution can be contacted directly in order to get more detailed information on the type of services offered to the future entrepreneurs. The map provides information on more than 1000 startups, more than 170 accelerators, 140 incubators and 150 coworking spaces currently available across Europe.

Open Startup Europe Map