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Welcome to EURAXESS Serbia

Whether you are Serbian researcher planning to develop your career in the heart of European Research Area, or you are from abroad, eager to taste the special excitement of doing research in Serbia, you are at the right place.

The portal is a gateway to a Serbian EURAXESS Services network, which provides free and personalised assistance on the challenges faced by researchers and their families when relocating, as stated in The EURAXESS Services Commitment.







R&D Organizations in Serbia

The research in Serbia is mostly done in public sector. Majority of research organizations are in higher education sector, with addition of major, independent public research institutes.

Follow the links below to get familiar with Serbian R&D sector. Learn about the research position classification and about how to become a member of the strongest science community in Serbia - PhD students.

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Short guide to research positions

About PhD studies in Serbia



National R&D Funding

In 2012, some 5% of the total budget (government) for science in Serbia was allocated for development of human resources. This budget is spent on the programs of incentives and funding for researchers.

A part of the budget is also allocated for international cooperation programmes, mostly through the programmes of bilateral cooperation.

Most of the R&D funding in Serbia comes from the national budget, through the programmes of basic research, technological development and innovation fund. However, Serbia is also associated to FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes with full participation rights.

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Working Conditions

Full research freedom, coverage of health and pension insurance costs by the employer, rising competitiveness in European projects are the main qualities of working conditions in Serbian research community.

HRS4R process has started in Serbia with University of Niš, as the first one to get awarded with 'HR Excellence in Research' label. The process of drafting HR strategies is ongoing in all public universities.

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Charter & Code principles in Serbian reseearch community

HRS4R Process in Serbia




Career Development Center of the University of Niš will organize a career fair on October 25th 2019

The career fair will be organized at the University of Niš on October 25th, 2019, 10-15:00. The fair is supported by Konrad Adenauer Stifung, Leoni, US embassy, French Institute in Serbia, IESN, DAAD and the others. Miroslav Trajanović from EURAXESS Serbia will present the EURAXESS Jobs portal and

COST Info Day in Belgrade

The COST Info Day in Belgrade will be held on the 29 March 2019, 9:30-13:00. Among others, the participants will be addressed by COST National Coordinator for Serbia, Dr Bratislav Marinkovic and Director of the COST Association, Ronald de Bruin. Presentations about Marie Skodolwska Curie Actions and

Serbia ready for full membership in CERN

PM Ana Brnabic met with representatives of CERN who are on a several-day visit to Serbia, the government announced. According to this, they met "to determine whether Serbia meets the conditions for full membership in this organization." Brnabic said that Serbia has worked hard over recent years on

Center for Technology Transfer becomes a member of Council for science-industry collaboration

Council for Science-Industry Collaboration of Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded with aim to foster academia-industry cooperation. From its foundation, Center for Technology Transfer helped scientists’ and researchers’ work lead to new, life-improving products. Center actively works on


Interactive tools for personalized assistance

Get personalized assistance

The Serbian EURAXESS portal publishes the detailed and comprehensive information about resolving many different issues related to relocation of researchers and their families.

The interactive tools for personalized assistance are a new way to help you with specific, custom information.

Learn where to find the documents and/or assistance in getting them. Curious about how much it costs and when you can get the job done?

Answer few questions to get a personalized list of the documents you need to do a specific relocation or professional career related task. Find the exact locations of offices who provide the relevant services on Google Maps.

Checkout the tools on the right.

Find out what you need to open a bank account in Serbia.

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EURAXESS Startup Hub

Turn your scientific result into a succesful startup

EURAXESS Serbia is a co-founder of a unique cross-border infrastructure for providing services to aspiring sci-entrepreneurs - the EURAXESS Startup Hub.

We partner with organizations from Israel, Luxembourg, Estonia, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to provide access to huge potential of local startup support infrastructures in these countries.


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