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International cooperation

International cooperation

Since 2007, science and research is the area in which Serbia is already a member of European Union. Since then Serbian researchers compete for the EU funds for research, in FP7 and Horizon 2020 frameworks, with a great success. Besides, Serbian Ministry for education, science and technological development co-funds bilateral cooperation scientific projects.

European programmes

Serbia has been associated with the Seventh EU Research Framework Programme (FP7) since January 2007. Today, its researchers are participating in Horizon 2020 actions, together with their European colleagues.


Serbia in FP7

Serbia, a member of European Research Area, since 2007

FP7 was quite lucrative for Serbian R&D community, with 125 organizations involved in 185 FP7 projects in all programmes, but mostly in FP7-ICT and FP7-PEOPLE.

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Bilateral cooperation programmes

Bilateral scientific projects

The Republic of Serbia runs bilateral cooperation programmes with a number of countries (Belarus, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland). This has resulted in the co-financing of R&D projects carried out by teams consisting of researchers from both countries. Cooperation agreements are going under way with Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Portugal, Russia, Spain and US.

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Programme of scientific and technological cooperation between Republic of Serbia and Republic of Slovenia.