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Serbia, a country of future, situated in the heart of the Balkans, is worth visiting again like it had been before the conflict of 1990. At the crossroads between the Slavonic civilization and Central Europe, Serbia represents a palette of traditions and cultures unique in Europe. No less than 26 nationalities each of them preserving its customs and its folklore, but also four great religions are present here. That gives numerous and variously coloured traditional feasts as well as the music and dances surrounding you. With its mountains with the greenish prairies, its multiple water currents cutting their wedged in valleys and the beautiful mountains, Serbia is offering a large fan of sport and tourist activities. Kayak, skiing, rafting, trekking, speleology are among the most developed.

Less distant than Spain, but partly unknown, Serbia has been hiding a historical and architectural heritage encountering just rarely. Many Roman sites had been flourishing throughout ages. you will find medieval fortresses everywhere along the roads and will be astonished by an extreme variety of architectural styles: Serbian, Hungarian, Austrian, Ottoman. But especially the unbelievable density of the orthodox monasteries disseminated throughout the country and are, each for itself wealth of architectural creation and pictorial invention will finish winning you.

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Cost of living in Serbia

52% lower than in USA

According to Numbeo crowdsourced data, the costs of living in Serbia are considerably lower than in more developed countries. That's especially true for the costs of renting apartment. Click below to see a full range of data on Numbeo. Compare the costs with other countries.

Costs of living in Serbia


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