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Serbia has tradition of exceptional hospitality of its citizens. You can enjoy it at any type of accommodation, whether it is leased, rented or bought.

If you came to Serbia to arrange your legal staff or to check if your new research vacancy or PhD studies are worth taking, you can accomodate in number of hotels or hostels. In contrast to the prices of food, which are breath-takingly low comparing to what you would expect in the European country, the prices of hotels or hostels are leveled with European average. Try to avoid oldies - very cheap hotels located in the center of Belgrade, as they are far from the new urban charm and atmosphere, we all are so proud of.

Before you report to your new employer in Serbia, check with the university if its possible to get dormitory accommodation. Its worth trying - most of the dorms are cheap, renovated, cosy and fun, as well. If not, rent an apartment (check links below) or stay with your new Serbian friend. In any case: DONT FORGET to report your arrival and register your stay in Serbia in 24 hrs.

Tourist organizations in Serbia

For a first help, tourist organizations provides a lot of useful information, relevant both for short and long term stays. Choose your city at the left and check links to the local websites of tourist organizations.

  • Tourist Organization of Belgrade

    The Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB) is a public service of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, founded to conduct activities relating to development, preservation and protection of tourist values on the territory of Belgrade.

    In promoting Belgrade as a tourist destination, the TOB, as a destination management organization, aggregates information on tourist services provided by hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies, souvenir manufacturers and artisans, manifestation organizers and all other professions that provide services for tourists visiting Belgrade.



Costs of living in Serbia

Cost of renting apartments

Based on Numbeo crowdsourced data, average price of renting a small apartment in a city centre in Serbia, in October 2016 is 210 EUR. Data can vary significantly from one city to another, so check the Numbeo page with costs of living in Serbia, choose the city you are moving to.

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Find accommodation in Serbia

If you want to rent an apartment or stay in a hotel for short or longer term, check the following online services.