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Health insurance


Foreign citizens, as well as Serbian citizens who live and work abroad, are entitled to receive urgent medical care.

For healthcare  of foreign citizents during a temporary stay in the Republic of Serbia, a subsidiary in the territory have a temporary residence permit, issued by the Health Journal - INO-1 form the basis of a certificate holder of foreign social security, issued on the appropriate form.


Your right to receive urgent medical care

Which country are you from?

Citizens of the countries with which Serbia has concluded an international agreement on health insurance receive urgent medical care in Serbia on the basis of health insurance certificate issued in their home countries.

Foreign citizens exercise their right to urgent medical care based on certain forms (if such have been prescribed), European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or on the basis of a document proving their insurance coverage in their home country.

In case foreign citizens do not have a necessary certificate with them, there is a possibility of providing them with urgent medical care and the certificate is to be requested from their home country insurance organization subsequently.

Foreign citizens who are chronic or acute patients (undergoing dialysis or insulin treatments) need special certificates in view of receiving adequate medical services free of charge in Serbia.

Citizens of the countries with which Serbia has not concluded an international agreement on health insurance pay for urgent medical services received during their temporary stay in Serbia. Upon return to their home country, they may be reimbursed the said amounts by their insurance companies.




In case of emergency

The Emergency Ambulance Service can be reached by calling 194 and it is available 24 hours a day. In larger cities there are also health institutions for all kinds of urgent conditions or injuries which are open 24 hours as well as selected pharmacies. However, please have in mind that not all medicines can be bought in pharmacies, due to the fact that some of them require a doctor’s prescription.


Useful contacts

More information on Health Insurance in the Republic of Serbia is available at Institute for Health Insurance of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Offices in Niš: Prijezdina 1, tel: +381 18 241-863, e-mail: nis@rzzo.rss
  • Offices in Belgrade: Nemanjina 30, tel: +381 11 2646-022, +381 11 2656-043, e-mail:
  • Offices in Kragujevac: Kralja Petra I 1 , tel: +381 34 335-491, +381 34 335-492, e-mail:
  • Offices in Novi Sad: Žitni trg 1, tel: +381 21 66-22-017 i +381 21 66-23-466, e-mail: