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Research and science organizations

Research and science organizations in Serbia

Serbian research landscape is dominated by the academic organizations and public scientific institutes. Meet these and other important R&D players.

State and public research institutions

There are seven public universities with 89 faculties and 10 private universities with 60 private faculties in Serbia, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for school year 2010/2011. Total of 163 institutions exist in higher education sector. In addition, there are Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with its 10 scientific institutes; 28 other scientific institutes; a centre of scientific excellence; 30 research institutes.

Private research centers

In the scope of ISEEMob project, a research has been done to determine the number of industry (private) organizations with research activities. 130 organizations has been found. In addition, there are 65 innovative organizations, five business associations for support of innovation and 107 registered innovators.

Other research performers

National council for scientific and technological development is the supreme professional and advisory body in national S&T system. It issues previous opinions on the relevant acts, laws, programmes, strategies, etc.

National EURAXESS Network include national universities (and faculties) and one private university. It is managed by the Center for coordination of the National EURAXESS Network and guided by the Steering group of the National EURAXESS network. Steering group’s mission is to achieve an impact to the Scientific policy in area of career development and mobility of researchers.

Committee for Accreditation of Scientific Research Organisations’ role is evaluation of the quality and efficiency of scientific research work of institutes, higher education institutions and centres of excellence.

Commission for Acquiring Scientific Titles takes decisions on acquisition of scientific titles, upon the opinion issued by the respective specialized scientific board.

Specialized scientific boards are professional bodies for specific scientific fields, branches or disciplines.

Different project networks are established with specific missions and objectives.


Open data

Open data about science in Serbia

Recently, Ministry of education, science and technological development has started publishing open data about scientific research. Data is accessible in HTML, JSON, CSV and XML format. Follow links at the right to access data (in Serbian language).