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Banking in Serbia is regulated by the central bank - the National Bank of Serbia.

Out the total of 29 commercial banks, providing a wide array of banking services, 21 are in majority foreign ownership. Banks in Serbia are independent in their pursuit of profit-oriented business activities based on the principles of solvency, profitability and liquidity.

Every-day payment transactions are, with a few exceptions, made in Serbian dinars, and one can use various types of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express).

All major foreign currencies can be freely purchased and sold in exchange offices throughout the country. Many banks have ATMs, enabling you to draw currency any time you want so.



Frequently asked questions about money/banking

Before you start your travel preparations, check out some of the common questions related to money/banking asked by the foreigners in Serbia.

You can open a bank account in any of the banks in any of the currencies. Basically, you'll need to go to the bank offices with your passport, document indicating the address of your stay in Serbia and valid contract with the host organization/organization in which you are employed as a researcher.




Opening a bank account in Serbia?

​Find out what you need to open a bank account in Serbia. Learn where to find the documents and/or assistance in getting them. Curious about how much it costs and when you can get the job done?

Answer few questions to get a personalized list of the documents you need to do a specific relocation or professional career related task. Find the exact locations of offices who provide the relevant services on Google Maps.

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