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EURAXESS Startup Hub



EURAXESS Startup Hub

Welcome to the EURAXESS Startup Hub

The EURAXESS Startup Hub is a networked programme of support to sci entrepreneurs, setup by the research and funding organizations from 7 countries, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Serbia, with participation of tens of external stakeholders, the prominent actors in national startup ecosystems of the above countries.

Find out here about who we are and what we do. If you are interested to learn more:


  • Click here to visit our EURAXESS Digital Toolkit - a collection of online content and resources for aspiring sci-entrepreneurs, research performing organisations active in national startup ecosystems and EURAXESS members who would like to join the activities.
  • Click here to find out more about what is EURAXESS Hub concept and how to implement a local networked service architecture for the benefit of sci-entrepreneurs in your organisation. 





EURAXESS Startup Hub

Who we are

Currently, seven organisations are directly involved in the activities of the EURAXESS Startup Hub. Click on the linked organisation titles to find out more about the local networks.


  • IP&D - Innovation, Projects and Development Ltd. (Israel). Seven external partners including incubators, TTC, innovation agencies, Chamber of commerce, etc.
  • Estonian Research Council (Estonia). Seven partners - incubators, scientific technology park, innovation agency, project schemes, universities.
  • University of Luxembourg. Local network comprises of 9 organisations, including university, incubator, funding organization, innovation agency and others.
  • Research and Innovation Foundation (Cyprus) with 7 partners: universities, incubator and funding organisation.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš (Serbia). Nine external partners, such as scientific technology parks, cluster, chamber of commerce, TTC, business incubator, scientific conference.
  • University of Montenegro with four partners - scientific technology park, funding organization, chamber of economy and career centre.
  • University of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Local network comprises of 10 local partners, including TTC, innovation centres, incubator, chamber of commerce, development agency and others.




EURAXESS Startup Hub

What we do

Beyond the impact we make with the local activities we are working on, the value of our network for supporting sci-entrepreneurs explodes when we combine our passion and capacities. Find out more about EURAXESS Startup Tour, digital toolkit and webinars for the EURAXESS network we organised in 2022.

We are continuously committed to supporting startup career path for researchers with new cross-border programs, to be announced in the future.

We organised two webinars for EURAXESS members in May and July, 2022, to introduce the new networked service architecture concept, to share the experience from the pilot EURAXESS Startup Hub Tour and to learn from our local partners success stories. 








EURAXESS Startup Hub

Contact us

EURAXESS Startup Hub is open community of dedicated professionals who strongly believe in values created by bringing together scientific and entrepreneurial careers. Contact us if you want to join the network or participate in any of its activities.

Find the list of contact persons at the right.

Estonian Research Council

Contact person: Siiri Kolka