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Diversity and inclusion in scientific entrepreneurship

Diversity and inclusion in

scientific entrepreneurship

Your guide to inclusive and diverse startup support


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Diversity and inclusion in scientific entrepreneurship

As business cultures change and become more diverse and inclusive, it is clear that the rise of women entrepreneurs reaching their full potential equates to success. However, we as civilization are still at the beginning of this road.

Learn here about the best practices for improving and supporting diversity and inclusion in scientific entrepreneurship.


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General challenges and obstacles for women startup entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a male-dominated endeavour. Among the challenges entrepreneurs face when launching and maintaining their businesses, some barriers are in many cases more significant for female entrepreneurs..



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Academic entrepreneurship among women

Concerning academic entrepreneurship, there is evidence that rates are higher in disciplines/fields with a lower representation of female academics..



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Towards more inclusive, gender-balanced startup entrepreneurship

There are many ways by which the position of women could be improved in the entrepreneurial environment..




Online courses for female entrepreneurs

There exist a number of online courses specifically designed for female entrepreneurs. Some of the examples of such training programmes are..



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Which academic programmes produce the most startups by female entrepreneurs?

The list below shows the top 5 university undergraduate programmes producing most startups founded by female entrepreneurs..



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Non-profit organisations supporting women entrepreneurship

There are many organisations that see the potential in investing, supporting, and encouraging women for success. Find below some examples of non-profit organisations that help women around the world to build up their ideas..



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Youth entrepreneurship

Considering impediments such as underdeveloped educational systems and the resultant skill gap, cultural barriers, and poorly designed policies, young people consistently face higher rates of unemployment and underemployment than the populace as a whole..



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Minorities in startup entrepreneurship

It is relatively easy to see and acknowledge the scale of underrepresentation of women in startup entrepreneurship. However, when it comes to minorities, the situation can be a bit trickier..



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Equal startup opportunities among entrepreneurs of colour

The concept of inclusive entrepreneurship states the necessity of equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their personal characteristics and background, to start and run a venture..



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Best practices

Examples of good practices for diversity and inclusion in scientific entrepreneurship

Find below some examples and testimonials of good practices of research organizations in facilitating diversity and inclusion in scientific entrepreneurship.


Targeted measures to increase the uptake of women startup founders

European business and innovation centre network AISBL (Brussels, Belgium) has implemented a project titled “The European Network of Women Web Entrepreneurs Hubs - WeHubs”..



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Build collaborations to train young entrepreneurs

The collaboration between the Interdisciplinary Centre (IDC) Herzliya and the Young Entrepreneurs Israel organisation was made with the objective to teach business entrepreneurship to youth..



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Targeted support to women entrepreneurs

Founded by the serial entrepreneur Hilla Ovil Brenner, Yazamiot boasts a membership of over 3,000 Israeli women entrepreneurs. Its vision is to dramatically increase the presence of women entrepreneurs in hi-tech and biotech industries..



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Training for the young and the underprivileged

Chambers of commerce and industry can help in providing entrepreneurship training for the young and the underprivileged..


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Collaborative network to help companies founded by minorities

Form a collaborative network to help companies founded by minorities access funding, talent and other resources..



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Space for growing companies founded by minorities

Provide space for growing companies founded by minorities to promote a culture that creates a sense of belonging..



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