PM announces the new funding opportunities for young researchers

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Ministry has published a call for admission of 1,000 young PhD students to scientific research projects financed by this Ministry.

all PhD students are eligible, regardless of whether they applied earlier at their institutes, faculties or universities.

The conditions that PhD students must meet are that they hold Serbian citizenship, that they are not older than 30, to be full-time students and to have a grade point average of at least 9, he pointed out.

A thousand new young researchers will be involved in the ongoing projects, and currently 3,090 PhD students are working on projects, while the Ministry gives scholarships to 395 PhD students, and between 50 to 100 places are envisaged for researchers from abroad.

The prime minister pointed out that the aim is that Serbia be based on knowledge and to create a competitive economy, adding that when talking to young people, when asked why they are leaving the country, they always say that they do not have enough chances in Serbia.

We are entering the reform of financing of science so that we do not have a system based on social peace, but on certainty, she said, and recalled that the development of a register of researchers is underway and that it is working to increase the space for cooperation between science and economy.

Our goal is to keep researchers in Serbia and to start bringing back our young people from abroad, the Prime Minister said.

Source B92 News