Science truck travels across Serbia ahead of the 11th Researchers’ Night

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Ahead of the 11th European Researchers’ night, which is being held with the European Union support symbolically in 11 towns (Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Požarevac, Pirot, Petnica, Inđija, Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Šabac), scientists have decided to travel throughout Serbia in the Science Truck.

The Science Truck is a travelling laboratory, a classroom and a workshop and discussion space. Its set up allows it to reach all parts of Serbia and bring science closer to the citizens through different programmes organised in it. In each town the Science Truck will visit, a several-day programme is planned, with a diverse content aimed for pupils, organised groups, but also for all interested citizens.

“The Researchers’ Night aims to promote scientific career as a choice for young people and those still undecided. Young people of school age, both elementary and high-school pupils are those whose attention should be turned towards the importance of science, whilst at the same time show them how science is funny and creative. A scientist, like every normal human being, is another goal for The Researchers’ Night. Although we have long overcome those stereotypes about scientists in films, they still exist in a real world and it is a high time to settle them. That is why we are trying to show, beside researches and professional life, hobbies and other fields of interests the scientists enjoy in their private lives”, Dr. Tanja Adnađević, ReFocuS project coordinator and research associate in the Institute for Biological Researches “Siniša Stanković”.

The first stop for the Science Truck in its promotion campaign for the Researchers’ Night on its way through Serbia was Belgrade. From July 6-10, in front of the Shopping mall “Ušće” all curious minds were able to take part in workshops on how to make aquarium, how acacia tree has conquered Europe, to learn about a secret path for eels, to explore sea depths but also how to make a storm in the lab.

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